Harry Bradley

Harry Bentley Bradley designed 15 of the 16 Hot Wheels released in 1968. He believed the die-cast cars would not be a success and left Mattel in 1969 to start up his own company.

Bradley’s career included working for GM and creating designs for the Alexander Brothers, a car customizing duo. Notable cars he designed are the Dodge Deora and the 1995 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Items: 16

Beatnik Bandit (1968)

Custom Barracuda (1968)

Custom Camaro (1968)

Custom Corvette (1968)

Custom Cougar (1968)

Custom Eldorado (1968)

Custom Firebird (1968)

Custom Fleetside (1968)

Custom Mustang (1968)

Custom T-Bird (1968)

Deora (1968)

Ford J-Car (Grand Prix) (1968)

Hot Heap (1968)

Python (1968)

Silhouette (1968)

Sky Show Deora (1970)

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