In 1973, cars no longer have Spectraflame colors and are painted with enamel paint. Only 3 new castings were released but many cars were reissued, often with different names and simplified features.

1973 introduced the permanent through-hole wheel. Many of the cars can be found with through-hole wheels in the front and capped wheels in the back. The bases of new and reissued cars have been modified with rounded protectors by the rear wheels.

Packaging also saw a major change this year. The curved flame-themed card was replaced with a blue rectangular blister card.

Shell Oil Company had a Hot Wheels promotion with 10 different vehicles. The cars came packaged in a baggie with a header card.

Items: 34

Alive ’55

Bugeye (Shell)

Buzz Off

Double Header

Double Vision

Dune Daddy

Ferrari 312P

Ferrari 512S (Shell)

Hiway Robber

Ice ‘T’

Jet Threat (Shell)

Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Mercedes-Benz C-111

Mongoose II

Odd Job

Paddy Wagon

Peeping Bomb (Shell)

Police Cruiser

Porsche 917


Red Baron

Rocket-Bye-Baby (Shell)

Sand Witch

Short Order (Shell)


Snake II

Splittin’ Image (Shell)

Street Snorter

Strip Teaser (Shell)

Superfine Turbine

Sweet 16

Swingin’ Wing (Shell)

Twin Mill (Shell)


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