1975 has quite a few new castings as well as reissues. It does introduce two motorcycles into the Hot Wheels lineup.

Packaging once again is changed. “Flying Colors” is still featured, but the blister card now has a blue background.

Six promotional vehicles were also released in 1975. They were for Herfy’s a fast food restaurant chain.

Items: 32

American Victory

Backwoods Bomb

Baja Bruiser

Chevy Monza 2+2

Chief’s Special (Herfy's)

Chief’s Special

Dune Daddy

Emergency Squad

Grass Hopper

Gremlin Grinder (Herfy's)

Gremlin Grinder

Gun Slinger

Large Charge

Mighty Maverick

Monte Carlo Stocker

Motocross 1

Mustang Stocker


P-911 (Herfy's)


Ramblin’ Wrecker

Ranger Rig

Sand Drifter

Street Eater

Super Van

Super Van (Herfy's)

Torino Stocker

Tough Customer

Vega Bomb

Volkswagen (Herfy's)


Warpath (Herfy's)

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