1976 has a variety of new castings as well as many reissues. Some vehicles have patriotic graphics and several military vehicles were released.

Super Chromes, a new series with eighteen chrome cars was debuted. Twelve were available on a “Super Chromes” blister card and the rest were exclusive to a 6-pack.

Toys “R” Us also had a promotional vehicle. It was a Super Van that featured Geoffrey the Giraffe, the company’s mascot.

Items: 45

Alive ’55 (Super Chromes)

American Hauler

American Tipper

Aw Shoot

Buzz Off

Chevy Monza 2+2 (Super Chromes)

Chief’s Special


Corvette Stingray

Corvette Stingray (Super Chromes)

Ferrari 312P

Formula 5000 (Super Chromes)

Formula 5000

Formula P.A.C.K.

Gremlin Grinder (Super Chromes)

Gun Bucket

Heavy Chevy (Super Chromes)


Jet Threat II

Khaki Kooler

Large Charge (Super Chromes)


Maxi Taxi

Mercedes-Benz C-111

Mighty Maverick (Super Chromes)

Mustang Stocker (Super Chromes)

Neet Streeter

Neet Streeter (Super Chromes)

P-911 (Super Chromes)


P-917 (Super Chromes)

Paddy Wagon

Poison Pinto

Poison Pinto (Super Chromes)

Police Cruiser

Prowler (Super Chromes)

Rock Buster

Rock Buster (Super Chromes)

Staff Car

Steam Roller (Super Chromes)

Street Rodder

Super Van (Super Chromes)

Super Van (Toys "R" Us)

Twin Mill II

Twin Mill II (Super Chromes)

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