Classic ’31 Ford Woody

The Hot Wheels Classic ’31 Ford Woody is based upon a 1931 Ford Model A station wagon. The wagon has wood body panels, a 3-speed manual transmission, and a flathead 4 cylinder engine.

The die-cast vehicle was a 1969 release and was designed by Ira Gilford. Production was in the U.S.

It can be found in many different Spectraflame colors and has two possible roofs. The Woody can have a flat black roof or a textured glossy black roof. The amount of texture on the glossy roof varies.

The windshield is clear and interiors can be white, tan or brown. It has bearing redline wheels.

Included with the car was a collector’s button with a yellow Woody on a blue background. There are notched and smooth tabbed Hong Kong buttons and a smooth tabbed “Printed in U.S.A.” button.

  • Manufactured:
  • US
  • Stock No. 6251
  • Colors
  • Spectraflame Antifreeze
  • Spectraflame Aqua
  • Spectraflame Blue
  • Spectraflame Brown
  • Spectraflame Creamy Pink
  • Spectraflame Gold
  • Spectraflame Green
  • Spectraflame Hot Pink
  • Spectraflame Light Blue
  • Spectraflame Lime
  • Spectraflame Magenta
  • Spectraflame Olive
  • Spectraflame Orange
  • Spectraflame Purple
  • Spectraflame Red
  • Spectraflame Rose
  • Spectraflame Yellow

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