Custom Police Cruiser

The Hot Wheels Custom Police Cruiser is based upon the Plymouth Fury. A Fury modified for police use had a heavy duty suspension and extra body welds and reinforcements.

The die-cast vehicle was a 1969 release and was designed by Ira Gilford. Production was in the U.S.

It is usually white with a black hood and trunk. There is a variation where the fenders and rocker panels are also black. “Police” and a star-shaped badge detail the sides.

The interior is a cream color and the red emergency light on the roof can be translucent or solid. It has clear windows, bearing redline wheels, and “Cruiser” is on the base.

Included with the car was a collector’s button with “Police Cruiser” and a blue & white Cruiser on a green background. There are notched and smooth tabbed Hong Kong buttons.

  • Manufactured:
  • US

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