Fuel Tanker

The Hot Wheels Fuel Tanker is an original design of a tank truck. The die-cast vehicle was a 1971 release that was designed by Ira Gilford. Production was in Hong Kong.

It can be found in white enamel, has blue tinted windows, and its redline wheels are capped. The interior can be white or brown.

The white plastic tank has a sticker on the sides with the Hot Wheels logo and “Racing Fuel”. A blue stripe runs along the roof hatches and two black hoses can be extended from the back.

The tank attaches to a long-bed truck that is also used with several other vehicles. “The Heavyweights” is on the base.

The Fuel Tanker was released as part of the Heavyweights series. Included with the vehicle was a plastic collector’s button. The button has a Fuel Tanker on a blue background.

The Fuel Tanker is known for “crumbling”. Crumbling is when the body or base cracks and eventually breaks into pieces. This is caused by impure metals being used in the zamac alloy.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • Stock No. 6018

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