Hairy Hauler

The Hot Wheels Hairy Hauler was a 1971 release that is an original design by Paul Tam. The car features an opening cockpit and a large rear engine with long exhaust pipes.

It can be found in quite a few Spectraflame colors. Details include clear windows, a white interior, and capped redline wheels.

Production was primarily in the U.S. and most Haulers have “U.S.A.” on the base. Some Spectraflame blue cars were made in Hong Kong and have “Hong Kong” on the base.

There is a variation on the exhaust pipes. Some pipes are connected by a cross piece.

Included with the vehicle was a metal collector’s button with a smooth tab. The button has a red Hairy Hauler on a yellow background.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • , US
  • Stock No. 6458
  • Colors US
  • Spectraflame Aqua
  • Spectraflame Blue
  • Spectraflame Green
  • Spectraflame Hot Pink
  • Spectraflame Light Blue
  • Spectraflame Light Green
  • Spectraflame Lime
  • Spectraflame Magenta
  • Spectraflame Purple
  • Spectraflame Red
  • Spectraflame Rose
  • Spectraflame Salmon
  • Spectraflame Yellow
  • Colors HK
  • Spectraflame Blue

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