Ice ‘T’

The Hot Wheels Ice ‘T’ is based upon the Monogram model kit designed by Tom Daniel. The die-cast hot rod was a 1973 release that was designed by Larry Wood. Production was in Hong Kong.

It is available in six different enamel colors and and has a removable white plastic top with “Ice T” embossed on the sides. The interior is black and the redline wheels are through-hole in the front and capped in the back.

It is a reissue of the Ice ‘T’ from 1971 with a few changes. The reissue is available in more than one color and the ice blocks have been removed. The roof is now white instead of yellow and lacks the black detailing. Rounded protectors were added to the base next to the rear wheels.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • Stock No. 6980
  • Colors
  • Dark Blue Enamel
  • Lemon Yellow Enamel
  • Light Blue Enamel
  • Lime Green Enamel
  • Red Enamel
  • Yellow Enamel

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