The Hot Wheels animated series aired on Saturday mornings from 1969 to 1971 on ABC. Each of the 16 episodes has two stories and ends with information about driving safety. It ran for two seasons, but the second season was all reruns.

The cartoon features Jack “Rabbit” Wheeler who is the leader of the Hot Wheels Racing Club and a student at Metro City High School. His friends and other members of the Hot Wheels Racing Club include Janet Martin who is Jack’s girlfriend, Mickey Barnes and his girlfriend Ardeth Pratt, Tank Mallory, and Kip Chogi.

Jack’s nemesis is Dexter Carter who is known for his reckless and dangerous driving. He leads a rival racing club known as Dexter’s Demons.

The characters in the cartoon are the same as the ones in the Hot Wheels comic book series.

The show was criticized by parent groups, Topper Toys (a Mattel competitor), and others for being nothing more than a 30-minute advertisement for Hot Wheels. The FCC considered it to be a long commercial and continued to scrutinize the show during its short time on the air.

At least three vehicles that appeared on the show, were released as Hot Wheels cars. The Jack “Rabbit” Special was Jack’s primary car, but he also drove the Sand Crab. Dexter Carter drove The Demon.

Unfortunately the cartoon is difficult to find and has not been released on any home media format.

Episode 1: Sky Sailor – The Funny Money Caper
Episode 2: Surf’s Up – The Family Car
Episode 3: The Jewel – The Buggy Ride
Episode 4: Hit and Run – Ardeth the Demon
Episode 5: Avalanche Country – Tough Cop
Episode 6: Underground Rough Ride – Diamonds Are a Girl’s Worst Friend
Episode 7: Get Back on That Horse – Dragon’s Tooth Peak
Episode 8: Show-Off – Mata Hari Ardeth
Episode 9: The Winner – The Hot Head
Episode 10: Big Race – Fire Fighters
Episode 11: Fake Out-Stake Out- Four Wheel Time Bomb
Episode 12: It Takes a Team – Like Father, Like Son
Episode 13: Danger Around the Clock – Hotter Than the Devils
Episode 14: Race to Space Monkey A-Okay- Big Heart, Little Hearts
Episode 15: Hitchhike to Danger – The Doc Warren Trophy Race
Episode 16: Drag Strip – Slicker-Slicks

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