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The Hot Wheels comic book series was released in 1970 by DC Comics. It was short-lived and only lasted 6 issues. Each issue had a cover price of 15ยข.

The series focuses on the exploits of a teen named Jack “Rabbit” Wheeler and his friends who are part of the Hot Wheels Racing Club. His rival is the nefarious Dexter Carter who is the leader of Dexter’s Demons.

The Jack “Rabbit” Special, one of the cars Jack drove, was released as a Hot Wheels vehicle in 1970.

The characters in the comic books are the same as the ones in the Hot Wheels cartoon.

Issue 1
Cover Date: April 1970
Stories: Wipe Out at LeMans and An Argument Between Friends (text-only story)

Issue 2
Cover Date: June 1970
Stories: Dragstrip Finals … Dragstrip Disaster, The Mint 400 – a Membership Drive, and The Clunker (text-only story)

Issue 3
Cover Date: August 1970
Stories: Stakeout, The Raid of the Red Baron, and Not Too Bright (text-only story)

Issue 4
Cover Date: October 1970
Stories: Eye of the Storm, The Powerpuff Run, and One Law For All (text-only story)

Issue 5
Cover Date: December 1970
Stories: The Case of the Curious Classic, The Dangerous Days of Mickey Barnes, and What It Takes (text-only story)

Issue 6
Cover Date: February 1971
Stories: The Humbug Run, Super Chick, and a text-only story

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