Bearing Wheel
A bearing wheel slips onto a bushing attached to a wire axle. Learn more about it on the Redline Wheels page.

Blackwall Wheel
A blackwall wheel is black and lacks a decorative line or markings on the sidewall. Hot Wheels transitioned from redline to blackwall wheels in 1977.

Blister Card
A blister card, or blister pack, is the carded packaging where a Hot Wheels vehicle is contained. It consists of a paperboard card and a clear plastic shell that is affixed to the card.

A collector’s button was included with every Hot Wheels vehicle from 1968 through 1971. The buttons were originally metal, but transitioned to plastic in 1970. Learn more about them on the Buttons page.

Capped Wheel
A capped wheel snaps onto a hub attached to a wire axle. Learn more about it on the Redline Wheels page.

Crumbling is when the body or base of a die-cast vehicles cracks and eventually breaks into pieces. It is caused by impure metals in the zamac alloy. Crumbling is a problem with Hot Wheels from 1971.

Enamel Paint
Enamel paint is a durable paint with a glossy finish. Enamel paint replaced Spectraflame paint on Hot Wheels in 1973. Learn more about it on the Colors & Graphics page.

Grand Prix
Grand Prix is an eleven vehicle series that features racing cars. The cars came packaged on a Grand Prix blister card.

Heavyweights is a series that features fourteen vehicles. Many use the same cab, short-bed, or long-bed truck. They came packaged on a Heavyweights blister card.

Hot Wheels Club
Hot Wheels Club began in 1970 and offered a membership kit that included one of three mail-in only chrome cars.

Redline Wheel
A redline wheel has a red line on the sidewall. Most Hot Wheels released from 1968 until 1977 had redline wheels.

Spectraflame Paint
Spectraflame paint is a transparent paint that when applied to metal creates a metallic finish. Hot Wheels used Spectraflame paint from 1968 through 1972. Learn more about it on the Colors & Graphics page.

Spoilers is an eight vehicle series that has tricked out cars with oversized engines and front and rear airfoils. Each car came packaged on a Spoilers blister card.

Super Chromes
Super Chromes is an eighteen vehicle series that features chrome cars. Twelve were individually packaged on a Super Chromes blister card and six were only available in a 6-pack.

A tampo is a graphic that is applied to a vehicle using a printing process known a tampography. Learn more about it on the Colors & Graphics page.

Through-Hole Wheel
A through-hole wheel has a hole in the center where it is attached to the wire axle. Learn more about it on the Redline Wheels page.

Wisconsin Toy Company
Wisconsin Toy and Novelty Co. Inc released four Hot Wheels redline cars in 1980. They specialized in overstock items and the Hot Wheels were from a failed promotion.

Zamac, also known as zamak, is an alloy made from zinc along with aluminium, magnesium, and copper. Zamac is commonly used for Hot Wheels and other die-cast toys. Learn more about it on Wikipedia.

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