Wipe-Out Race Game

The race is on… Watch out! Danger ahead! Ooops – oil slick! Splat – a flat! Crash – a bash!

Choose your speed! Pick the pace! Fry the competition ‘n you win the race! Wipe-out!

The Hot Wheels Wipe-Out Race Game (Stock No. 5439) was a 1969 release. It is for 2 to 4 players and has a play time of 15 minutes. Included in the game is a raceway gameboard, 4 cars, 12 hazard discs, 4 gear boxes, and a speed wheel.

The object of the game is to win the race. Everyone starts with a car and a 4-speed gear box set to level 1.

On your turn you can shift the gear box up 1 or down 1. Then you spin the speed wheel and follow the directions for the color of your gear speed. The higher the gear the faster your car can move around the track, but it also increases the chance of a wipeout or engine trouble.

As cars race along the track they can pass other cars and hopefully avoid hazard discs. Hazard discs can give you a penalty based on your gear speed or may give you an extra turn.

The first car across the finish line wins. For longer games you can play a 2-lap race and 2-player games can race 2 cars each.

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