Mercedes-Benz 280SL

The Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz 280SL is based upon the sports car of the same name. The grand tourer featured a 2.8 liter straight-six engine and a detachable hard top.

The die-cast vehicle was a 1969 release that was designed by Ira Gilford. Production was in Hong Kong.

It is available in eight different Spectraflame colors. Most cars have a standard roof, but some colors can have the more rare black painted roof.

Windows are tinted blue, the hood opens to reveal a detailed engine, and the taillights are painted red or orange. The interior can be white or brown and the redline wheels can be bearing or capped.

Included with the car was a collector’s button that has a copper Benz, orange background, and a smooth tab.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • Stock No. 6275
  • Colors
  • Spectraflame Aqua
  • Spectraflame Aqua - Black Roof
  • Spectraflame Blue
  • Spectraflame Blue - Black Roof
  • Spectraflame Copper
  • Spectraflame Copper - Black Roof
  • Spectraflame Green
  • Spectraflame Green - Black Roof
  • Spectraflame Olive
  • Spectraflame Olive - Black Roof
  • Spectraflame Orange
  • Spectraflame Purple
  • Spectraflame Red
  • Spectraflame Red - Black Roof

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