Mongoose Fuel Dragster

The Hot Wheels Mongoose Fuel Dragster, also known as a Mongoose Rail Dragster, is based upon the car driven by Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen. Tom McEwen along with his racing rival, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme, were drag racers that were sponsored by Hot Wheels.

The die-cast car was a 1971 release that was designed by Larry Wood and produced in the U.S. It has blue enamel paint and a white driver. The rear wheels are capped and the front wheels can be black or clear with black paint. The wheels do not have red lines.

At the back of the dragster are small balancer wheels and a counterweight that can lock in place. They allow the car to race while doing wheelies.

The Mongoose Fuel Dragster was available with the Snake Fuel Dragster. They could be found in the Mongoose & Snake Dragster Pak or the Mongoose & Snake Wild Wheelie Set.

The Dragster Pak had the two dragsters and wheelie balancer track joiners. Balancer tracks bring the dragsters out of wheelies. The Wild Wheelie Set included the dragsters, 32 feet of track, a launcher, finish gate, 4 drag chutes, chute traps, and more.

Also included with the cars was a sticker sheet and a decal sheet. The stickers had the Hot Wheels logo, “Mongoose I”, and “Snake I”. The decals featured Goodyear, Wynn’s, and other logos.

  • Manufactured:
  • US
  • Stock No. 5952

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