Mongoose II

The Hot Wheels Mongoose II is inspired by the funny car driven by Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen. The die-cast car was a 1973 release that was designed by Larry Wood and produced in Hong Kong.

It can be found in red and blue enamel, has a black roll-cage interior, and the rear-hinged body can be raised. The redline wheels are through-hole in the front and capped in the back.

Included with the vehicle was a sticker sheet with the Hot Wheels logo, “Tom McEwen The Mongoose II”, and flames with “Plymouth” and “Coca Cola”. A sticker was pre-applied on the right side of the car.

The funny car is a reissue of the Mongoose II from 1971 with some noticeable differences. The reissue has red or blue enamel instead of Spectraflame blue paint and uses the Snake casting which has “Snake” and “6969” on the underside of the body. It also lacks windows, painted headlights, and the bar that the body rests on when raised.

  • Colors
  • Blue Enamel
  • Red Enamel

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