Odd Job

The Hot Wheels Odd Job is a reissue of the Mutt Mobile. The die-cast car was a 1973 release that was designed by Larry Wood and produced in Hong Kong.

It features a long front end with a large exposed engine and long exhaust pipes. The hot rod is available in a wide variety of enamel colors and has a removable white plastic top with a black barred door.

The interior is black and “Odd Job” is on the base. The redline wheels can all be through-hole or through-hole in the front and capped in the back.

The Mutt Mobile and Odd Job have several differences. Odd Job has enamel instead of Spectraflame paint, “Mutt Mobile” was removed from the sides of the white top, and the dogs are no longer in the back of the car. Rounded protectors were added to the base next to the rear wheels.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • Stock No. 6981
  • Colors
  • Dark Blue Enamel
  • Dark Green Enamel
  • Lemon Yellow Enamel
  • Light Blue Enamel
  • Light Green Enamel
  • Lime Green Enamel
  • Orange Enamel
  • Pink Enamel
  • Plum Enamel
  • Red Enamel
  • Yellow Enamel

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