Paddy Wagon

The Hot Wheels Paddy Wagon is based upon the Monogram model kit designed by Tom Daniel. The model features custom and antique details, mag wheels, and cycle fenders.

The die-cast hot rod was a 1970 release that was designed by Howard Rees. It is painted with a dark blue enamel and has a removable plastic top. “Police” and “3” decorate the sides of the top and can be either gold or silver. The metal interior is brown, the grille is painted, and the redline wheels are capped.

Production was in the U.S. and Hong Kong. A U.S. car has a clear windshield and “U.S.A.” on the base. A Hong Kong car has a blue tinted windshield and “Hong Kong” on the base.

Included with the vehicle was a collector’s button that can be plastic or metal with a smooth tab. Both buttons have a blue Paddy Wagon on a yellow background.

Monogram had a special promotion that included the die-cast vehicle with the Paddy Wagon model kit. The Hot Wheels Paddy Wagon was packaged in a baggie.

There is also a version of the Paddy Wagon that came in the Great Getaway set. Its plastic top is all black with embossed slats on the sides.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • , US
  • Stock No. 6402

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