Road King Highway Drive-Ins

Whip in for food ‘n fuel while travelin’ the open road!

Road King Highway Drive-Ins was released in 1974. It includes a gas station base, gas station building, food stand base, food stand building, 2 roofs, grease rack, round sign, 2 sign posts, bucket sign, off-ramp lever, crank handle, table, 2 chain connectors, 2 car connectors, chain, 2 chain guide sections, adhesive foam strip, rubber band, 2 sections of track, belt guard, 2 road deflectors, screw & nut, sticker sheet, and instructions.

Also included with the playset was a Hot Wheels car, the Rodger Dodger.

A Gulf service station and the crank are in one area and a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is at the other area. Each play area is connected by the track and forms an oval.

The Hot Wheels vehicle is controlled by the chain that is in the track. When the crank is turned, the chain moves, which also moves the car. The car can go forward and backward.

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