Road King Mountain Mining

Work the crane! Drive the rig! Load, haul ‘n dump!

The Hot Wheels Road King Mountain Mining set was a 1974 release. It includes a crane, remote control crank, “silver” and “diamonds”, trestle, 4 sections of track, chain, rock ridge, 3 chain guide sections, oil, 2 chain connectors, 2 truck connectors, mining area, dispatch area, screw & nut, loading bin, sticker sheet, and instructions.

Also included with the playset was a truck & trailer rig often referred to as the Road King Truck.

A storage and a loading bin is at the dispatch area and the crane and crank are at the mining area. Both areas are connected by the track.

The truck is controlled by the chain that is in the track. When the crank is turned, the chain moves, which also moves the truck. The truck can go forward and backward.

The truck can also back into areas where “diamonds” or “silver” bars can be loaded or unloaded. A lever on the truck lets a load be released remotely. It can dump from the tailgate or its side.

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