Road Trials Set

Check ’em at the Dyno-Meter… Service ’em with the Wheel Wrench… Keep ’em racing with the Rod Runner… park ’em on the 1st & 2nd floors!

The Road Trials Set was a 1970 release. It includes a Tune-Up Tower with Dyno-Meter, Rod Runner hand shift power-booster, wheel wrench, 2 180° curves, 12.5 feet of track, 6 joiners, instructions, and an official Hot Wheels international collector’s catalog.

Also included in the set is a random Hot Wheels vehicle and its matching collector’s button.

The Tune-Up Tower has three floors and an elevator to raise cars to the upper floors. The bottom two floors are for parking and the top floor has the Dyno-Meter and a ramp down to the oval track.

The Dyno-Meter requires 2 “D” batteries and is activated with a switch on the roof. When a vehicle is on the Dyno-Meter’s treadmill, the vehicle’s speed is measured and if the vehicle drifts to the left or right is determined.

Adjustments to the vehicle’s wire axles can be made with the wheel wrench. Repeated tests on the Dyno-Meter and adjustments with the wrench can be made until a car drives straight and fast.

After all repairs are complete, zoom the car down the ramp and race it around the oval track. The Rod Runner can be used to propel the car lap after lap.

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