The Hot Wheels Rocket-Bye-Baby was a 1973 release that was produced in Hong Kong and designed by Bob Lovejoy. The original design features a large jet engine on the roof.

It can be found in six different enamel colors, has a blue tinted canopy, and through-hole redline wheels. For most cars the interior is black. Dark blue cars may have a grey or black interior and light blue cars may have a white, grey, or black interior.

The die-cast car was a promotional item available at Shell service stations. It is a reissue of the Rocket-Bye-Baby from 1971 with several changes.

The reissue has enamel instead of Spectraflame paint and no longer has the black side vents and tailpipes. Rounded protectors were added to the base next to the rear wheels.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • Colors
  • Dark Blue Enamel
  • Light Blue Enamel
  • Light Green Enamel
  • Pink Enamel
  • Red Enamel
  • Yellow Enamel

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