Sand Crab

The Hot Wheels Sand Crab is based upon the Monogram model kit designed by Tom Daniel. The car features a dune buggy body and a glass canopy.

The die-cast vehicle was a 1970 release that was designed by Howard Rees. It can be found in many Spectraflame colors, has painted taillights, and capped redline wheels.

Production was in the U.S. and Hong Kong. A U.S. car has tinted windows, a black interior, and “U.S.A.” on the base.

Hong Kong cars have blue tinted windows and white interiors. A Hong Kong car may have “Hong Kong” on the base or it can be a hybrid and have a U.S. base.

Included with the vehicle was a collector’s button that can be plastic or metal with a smooth tab. Both buttons have a red Sand Crab on a yellow background.

Also included was a decal sheet that features flowers. The decal sheet was also used with the Volkswagen Beach Bomb.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • , US
  • Stock No. 6403
  • Colors US
  • Spectraflame Aqua
  • Spectraflame Blue
  • Spectraflame Green
  • Spectraflame Hot Pink
  • Spectraflame Light Green
  • Spectraflame Lime
  • Spectraflame Magenta
  • Spectraflame Orange
  • Spectraflame Red
  • Spectraflame Rose
  • Spectraflame Salmon
  • Spectraflame Yellow
  • Colors HK
  • Spectraflame Aqua
  • Spectraflame Blue
  • Spectraflame Green
  • Spectraflame Light Green
  • Spectraflame Magenta

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