Side Kick

The Hot Wheels Side Kick is an original design by Larry Wood. The sleek sports car features a wedge shape and a large engine next to the single-seat cockpit.

It was a 1972 release and production was in Hong Kong. The car can be found in quite a few Spectraflame colors.

Details include blue tinted windows, a metal interior, a black-louvered rear end, capped redline wheels, and dual tailpipes. When the tailpipes are pulled, the driver’s seat slides out the right side.

  • Manufactured:
  • Hong Kong
  • Stock No. 6022
  • Colors
  • Spectraflame Aqua
  • Spectraflame Blue
  • Spectraflame Gold
  • Spectraflame Light Green
  • Spectraflame Magenta
  • Spectraflame Red
  • Spectraflame Rose
  • Spectraflame Yellow

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