Super Van

The Hot Wheels Super Van is an original casting of a van. It was designed by Larry Wood and produced in Hong Kong.

The die-cast vehicle was released in 1975 with multiple versions. All the vans have a black interior and through-hole redline wheels.

The first van is black enamel decorated with red, orange, and yellow flames. It can have dark tinted or blue tinted windows and the base can be metal or plastic. Later releases can have black wall wheels.

A blue version is also decorated with flame graphics. It has blue tinted windows and a plastic base. The blue van was only available in the Cutoff Canyon set.

Next is a plum enamel van detailed with yellow, orange, and blue graphics that feature an off-road motorcycle. It can have dark tinted or blue tinted windows and it has a plastic base.

The Super Van was used as a promotional item for the 1975 New York Toy Fair. It was available in white enamel and chrome. Details feature black, red, and yellow graphics. Flames, stripes, the Mattel logo, “Hot Wheels Flying Colors” and “Toy Fair ’75” decorate the sides.

The Super Van shares the same casting as another 1975 release, the Paramedic.

  • Colors
  • Black Enamel - Flames
  • Blue Enamel - Flames
  • Plum Enamel - Motorcycle
  • White Enamel - Toy Fair
  • Chrome - Toy Fair

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